अन्नं परब्रह्म स्वरूपम्
  • Indigenous Food, Indigenous Wisdom

    Our dairy comes from indegenous Kankrej cows. We also make sure to use single cow milk instead of mixing them up. All our plant products are also created using indegenous seeds instead of GMO ones

  • Cultured Food.Delivered

    Subscribe to our range of cultured food, including cream cheese, mozzarella and kombucha


    All our products are sourced locally, primarily from our own farms. Factors like stricter farming standards, limited economies of scale, and higher production costs contribute to the higher price tag of organic food. Learn how we try to keep the cost low while keeping it sustainable

Delicious Convenience Delivered

Organic Food Delivered

On your schedule. On time, every time.

A2 Dairy Products 

Made from Fresh Desi A2 Milk

Natural & Healthy

Try all our kombucha flavours, healthy probiotic


That is the core value we operate on. We are a small family run business and our mission is to make any small positive change to the world we can and that drives our work. We don't use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in our own farm and also ensure we get our products from like-minded people.

We don't believe in making money at the expense of someone else's health or at the expense of ruining the earth. We use what we sell, so anything that you buy on this website are items we use within our home and give to our kids as well

Natural Ingredients

We source only the finest natural ingredients, primarily from our own farm

No Synthetic Pesticides

No Synthetic fertilizers or pesticides EVER ! That is our promise

Local & Homemade

We source only local ingredients to ensure they are fresh. We also make sure no artificial ingredients are used.

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