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Navara Rice
Navara Rice
Navara Red Rice

Navara Red Rice

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Experience the holistic power of Navara Rice - truly a marvel of nature and a staple in Ayurvedic traditions. Regarded as the "mother of all cures," Navara Rice hails from the fertile lands of Kerala and parts of Tamil Nadu, and is cultivated using natural and organic techniques. No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides come close to it, making this product pure, safe, and health-infused. The cultivation methods employed embrace both biotic and abiotic stress, magnifying the medicinal properties of Navara Rice. Tracing its roots back to 400 BCE in ancient scriptures like Sushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Hrudya, the rice (Oryza Sativa), also known as Shashtika, is praised for its plethora of health benefits.Navara Rice ticks all the nutritional boxes: it's easy to digest, suitable for people of all ages, and has a low glycemic index (60/72 for raw/parboiled rice) making it a friend to diabetic patients. It is a rich source of fiber, aiding digestion and promoting a feeling of satiety. But Navara Rice isn’t just about the basics. It serves up generous doses of vitamin B, zinc, iron, and protein for well-rounded nutrition. Plus, its antioxidant, polyphenol, and flavonoid content, such as tricin, oryzanol, and proanthocyanidin, amplifies the rice’s health-enhancing properties.Cook the Navara Rice powder with jaggery and milk for an ideal weaning food, or create a healthful gruel deemed safe for diabetics. The rice's paste is a known remedy for psoriasis, and rice bran oil aids in the management of conditions like cervical spondylosis, low backache, paralysis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Notably, it graces the traditional Karkidakakanji consumed during the Aadi/Karkadaka Masam festival in Kerala.Experience the power of Ayurveda and holistic nutrition with Navara Rice - a quality rice filled with taste, tradition, and a plethora of health benefits. Add it to your diet today to elevate your wellness quotient!
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